Golf GPS Rangefinder 101

Wading through the sea of golf GPS rangefinders systems available for purchase can be overwhelming as you ask yourself which features make a golf GPS unit worth the investment. As you shop, you’ll want to determine which features are dispensable and which are worth paying paying a little extra. If you are feeling extravagant and wish to go all out, then we recommend looking for the best laser golf rangefinder reviews. Most importantly, you want to know how all of a golf GPS’s abilities will translate to the green.

Why Buy a Golf GPS Rangefinders Unit

As a golf enthusiast, you are probably always looking for ways to improve your game. A worthy and vital aspiration for athletes of any sport. Sometimes the right tool can give your knowledge of the game just the right push to make you great. That is what a good golf GPS unit can do for you. As it coaches your moves and advises your game, you’ll become a better player and your game will improve in ways it never otherwise could.


The best golf course GPS systems all have the same important features in common. If you shop carefully, you will be able to find affordable GPS rangefinder units that contain all the must-haves that the more expensive units flaunt. As long as you know which crucial golf GPS unit requisites to look for, you can be sure that your system will serve your golfing needs.

The top golf GPS buyers guide suggests that your GPS unit should be sleek and discreet while remaining easily visible and functional. You will want to shop for a golf rangefinder GPS unit that is small and light enough to fit easily into your hand or pocket. At the same time, it must have a screen large enough to read easily, and preferably be waterproof with some kind of glare resistant feature to make it viewable in spite of weather.

The most basic requirement of a golf GPS unit is the ability to calculate the distance from your golf ball to its target. Whether this means somewhere on the green or directly to the hole, a GPS that can quickly and accurately perform this task will be priceless. A good golf GPS unit will also help you steer clear of hazards by measuring those distances and locations as well.

It is also important that you choose a GPS that works quickly. There is almost nothing more frustrating or embarrassing than holding up a game with your buddies while your golf GPS unit takes its sweet time producing the information you’ve requested. These devices are expensive, and when you spend money on a product you deserve to have it function as promised.

Finding a golf GPS rangefinders unit that comes with pre-loaded courses will be beneficial, too. Make sure your device has the capacity to download additional courses should you ever desire to golf at a brand new location. Try to find a golf GPS unit that provides course maps for a low price or even one that does so free of charge.

Potential Rangefinders Purchases

Among those golf rangefinders units that possess all of these qualities are the Garmin, Nikkon, and the Upro Golf. All of these systems are able to perform the basic distance measurements to give you a reading on how far your target is. All three are waterproof and able to download thousands of golf courses at your convenience.